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the curse of caring... and the curse of mass production

If you ever wonder why we ask that you include the 7 pin cable with your tube mic upgrade, this is why.... We've seen this cable construction quality on almost every '251' and '47' upgrade that's been sent in, in the last 4 years. The cable is stripped back way too far, which makes for easier manufacturing, but causes the 'teeth' of the cable clamp to literally chomp into the tender insulation of the individual wires, and to tear up the braid shield. This is not how a cable is supposed to be made. There is a technique we use to help on some better examples, but sadly most of the time we just have to chop both ends of the cable and start over. The result is something built correctly and that will not fail on you in the field. This is why its important to send that in... a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and all the work we do to your microphone is for naught if that cables dies on you, or worse, shorts out all the electronics. I sometimes call this the curse of caring... because we do care, we cannot let this type of thing slide. This is also sadly just the curse of mass production, because you 'have' to let this sort of thing slide. We aren't a mass manufacturer, and will never be. This is why. We work for YOU, the professional; one-on-one, and not for any dealer, distributor, or rep. end rant.

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