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Some quick updates!

As most know by now, we discontinued the ReAmp and AngReAmp; but am in the process of getting a few units reserved for the few who missed the boat and wanted in on a final run. It will not be re-listed on the site, but just message me in the next couple days if interested and will be added to the final batch run we are doing at the end of the month.

In other news, on April 1 we will have to finally raise the prices on our popular Warm Audio mic mods (251, 67, 47, etc) just due to the extreme cost increases on both shipping and on new production tubes over the last year. Those 2 costs in particular have just gone through the roof and we have tried our best to absorb those costs until now; but as of the 1'st we will have to pass those costs on. Because the work is so thorough and comprehensive, it just can't be sustainable to spend 2 days of my working life on each unit and come away just breaking even. I've kept it going this far just because of how much people really do love and appreciate those upgrades.

So, if anyone was thiniking about getting the WA-251 or WA-47 mod, you can get the order in by the 1'st and save a bit of money by coming in before those price increases. I should also say though, that you really are getting more for your money now than ever before at the same time... Over the years, we have continued to improve and perfect these upgrades and they are even more thorough by far than what is described over the website... as I live and work at the workbench and not at the computer, these mods are a situation where the real-world listening and R&D have far surpassed the written documentation at this point. So, that may help. That's all for now!


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