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Regarding SM57's and SM58's!

I wanted to take a moment to give a public service announcement regarding SM57's/SM58's. These are the most counterfeited mics in the world, and the true reason I discontinued the SAE mod for the 57/58 is because people continued to send me counterfeit mics which sound terrible and cannot be upgraded due to capsule incompatibility. I love the SM57 and 58, always have. The real mic sounds way more full bodied than the nasal/hollow counterfeits that proliferate ebay and Reverb. PLEASE do yourself a favor and if you want to buy one of these mics then please get them from a reputable dealer website like Alto Music or Sweetwater, and purchase new. If you see them for sale from a private owner, there is always a strong chance they are trying to liquidate the counterfeit mic they got burned on. If you see one selling new for less than $99, please know that it is definitely a counterfeit. if you see them on ebay, Reverb, Craigslist, etc., please know it is probably counterfeit. Quit being a cheapskate and just buy one NEW from a reputable dealer. Please stop being ripped off because you thought you were saving a few bucks. Please don't be fooled by convincing packaging that impersonates the real deal. Thanks for your time.

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