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Signal Art happenings and progress

Just wanted to give an update on a few things as we enter the second quarter of the year. I have decided to further simplify things and stop offering the CK12 capsule upgrades on the WA-CX12 and WA-251 upgrade mods. Handcrafted CK12s are just so pricey and difficult to get ahold of, and not many people were interested in plunking down that kind of money, so we just decided to simplify it and keep the mod simple, straightforward, and budget-friendly. to be honest, if you want to spend nearly a grand on a mod, you should really save up for a high class mic that has that kind of capsule natively. We do clean, re-seat, and re-terminate the stock capsule (and even replace if it if needs to be), and for what those mics are, this is more than sufficient.

I have been asked by many people to look at the WA-800 (Sony C800G replica) mic by Warm as our next mod venture, and we plan to oblige later this year. I've seen some less thorough individuals on youtube offering a mod that only changes a single component, and that doesn't seem very comprehensive to me. Honestly, its a waste of shipping money and natural resources to ship that entire system off to have just one thing done... What we do is massively comprehensive, end-to-end overhauls, so I feel like what we do is justified; so we will make a definitive mod for this product later on this year.

I am gearing up for a second trip out to Joshua Tree later this month or early May to complete Antonio's training on all of the Warm Audio mic mods, as he will be spearheading almost all mods from this point forward. I will still be handcrafting all SAE Tube 47's and 48's for the time being, as well as spearheading some new mic and mod developments for Signal Art. But expect from this point forward that mod orders will be shipped to/from the Joshua Tree location. Antonio has a mirrored setup equal to mine, down to the same shipping station and Signal Art coffee blend that I ship out with orders, so expect no change in service or quality. You can only expect that we will be able to start getting new orders out faster. Antonio was there with me at WarmAudio when these mics were being developed, and there is no one else more uniquely qualified to help me keep up with these popular mods! I'm very excited to bring him more actively on board.

Last note, thank you to all who took advantage of picking up a Signal Art Tube 47 with a Heiserman HK47 capsule, and thank you to Heiserman Sound for fullfilling my final capsule order that they were kind enough to honor for me, before they focus their full attention to their own growing and successful mic line. If anyone is still interested in getting one of these very special mics, I only have a couple left. After that, these will be taken off of the website as far as a capsule option forever, and it will just be the OPR K47 or my stock imported custom K47 capsule here on out (both of which are great).

That's it for now and thanks so far for a super busy and exciting 2024.


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