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more tests... word getting around

Had a great time today at JT Studios here in Louisiana, I was honored to get the Signal Art Baseline Edition 47 added last-minute to a nice microphone shootout featuring about 15 other great microphones, mostly new but a couple vintage, and all on the more high end side of things. Very happy with how our 47 stood up alongside the other microphones there.

It was also good to finally for the first time see and hear a number of microphones I'd worked on from the development side of things in my former life with another more mass-production centered company. I was glad to see how they held up for the most part, and it was good to see and hear what things worked and what didn't, what things I would or will do differently, etc. Very enlightening, and very helpful to me.

The word continues to spread slowly but surely on the mics and I have had a few people reach out to me about doing the mods soon. and on that note, there will be more mods added to the site soon for more popular microphones! That's all for now, busy as always...

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