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We've been busy, just not making much news...

We've been busy, but not making much news...

Just wanted to let folks know, we've been busy bees but just nothing much new in terms of news to report. There's a few products in devel

opment that I can't really speak to at this time; but those will be cool when/if they happen.

We are for all intents and purposes just about 'caught up' with orders, or at least will be in the next couple of weeks, and that's pretty cool in and of itself. That's been a years-long struggle to achieve, and only have been able to do so thanks to getting quality help with Antonio, our associate helping me out of his place (and our secondary 'shop') in Joshua Tree, CA. Antonio worked with me during my time at Warm Audio and it's been a great 'family reunion' of sorts to reconnect years later, working on some of the same products that were developed during my time there, ironically.

We have just one transparent original ReAmp and one AngReAmp left in stock, and after that there will be a break in production for a while on these. So get them while you can or hold your peace until a bit later this year.



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