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We've updated some of the photography for the baseline edition 47, tube 47, and tube 48 to reflect how the power supply looks today and what the differences are in the build. Hoping to update the microphone photos in the coming days as well, as many of the photos are becoming quite out of date to the standard for how they are built today (for instance, the mic transformers are bolted in to the new PCB design, no more zip ties!), etc.

Things to look forward to later in 2022...

We will be revamping the entire website soon and giving it a much more professional look, fixing a lot of the options and e-commerce stuff, and getting professional photography done for many of the mods and products over the course of the year.

We also hope to soon announce at least one new product soon, in the form of the EF-800 version U47 mic for which we will be doing a limited run of. After much effort, we finally cracked the code on how to build this version of the 47 in a way that we find pleasing. Tonally, it is pretty darn close to the 408a dual-tube version; but I will say that perhaps it has a certain bit of ambience and harmonic complexity that the other does not. the 408a version is still our favorite to build... we feel it allows us to stay as close as possible to the original design, and the EF-800 has been the go-to version for so many other manufacturers... but, its also been something consistently requested, and we aim to please. We plan to make a limited run of this version in 2022, probably no more than 6.

That's all the updates for now, and hope everyone has a great 2022!

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