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We have added a mod, and removed some mods...

Many people have asked me if I will offer a mod for the WA-CX12, and the answer is yes. We have finally had some time to take one apart and see what we liked and see what we didn't like. There's a bit of both, and we came up with a sensible set of things we could improve upon which will greatly improve the longevity and sonics of the mic without breaking the bank.

We removed the SM57/58 mod and the mod for the original WA-87 and the mod for the PreSonus LDC mic. Even though I truly believe in these mods; they really were not very profitable and more done as a public service. As time as become a commodity I am just running out of these days, I have had to shorten the menu.

We are slowly gearing the company towards its next phase, which will be more centered on boutique mic manufacturing and less on mods and upgrades, so there will be more changes in the near future and more news I will be able to discuss in more detail soon.

Stay tuned!

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