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We are wired!

and not just on caffeine... up top, is our rustic large-spool wire rack, stocked with ground wire, Techflex sleeving, instrument cable, microphone cable, and 7 conductor tube microphone cable. All the audio cables are Gotham's finest part numbers, the GAC-3 and GAC-7.

In the red caddy below, is our collection of fine silver-coated OFC teflon insulated hookup wires, of various gauges, colors, and strand densities. These are used for all the crucial hookup wiring inside of our microphones and power supplies. In that one red caddy, you're looking at nearly 1k worth of wire; but we use it conservatively and it will last a very long time. It really does make a difference. Once you have gone through everything else, sometimes just the properties of the wire can make a difference, and no hookup wire has better properties than this.

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