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We are back up and running, sort of!

I have made all the mod upgrades available on the website a few days early ahead of schedule (originally for March 1). We still have about a month+ of catching up to do on the influx of late 2022 orders; but are making great progress. There are some really cool changes happening soon with the company that I plan to talk more at length about soon; but here's a brief glimpse of what's going on.

Hopefully by April or May there will be a new website up and running that will actually not be so home-spun... the kind of website a real company should have. testimonials, FAQ's, etc, that sort of thing.

We never stopped taking orders for the fully handcrafted tube 48/47 and are happy to take your order. There are about six in the queue at time of writing; but we are making great strides in terms of supply chain issues and getting quicker about the process.

I will be doing the Sterling mods still personally, here in Baton Rouge, through the end of 2023, and then we will discontinue the Sterling mods.

The Warm Audio tube mic mods will be done by our technician that we hired part time, who will be fully trained and set up to implement the famous upgrades to the WA-47, WA-251, and WA-CX12 exactly as prescribed by me. In time, we will develop more mods as time permits; and I definitely do plan to take time to evaluate the WA-67 and WA-800.

Some people have asked me over the years to buy a replacement power supply for the WA-251 and WA-47 because their PSU died or got lost or stolen at a gig, etc., and for whatever reason the company was unable to offer support on a replacement power supply. It can happen, and I hear you. Getting that right takes time; but I am finally taking some time to look at that and look at develop an 'Ultimate' ultra high end and ruggedized PSU for the WA-47 and WA-251 that you may purchase in the event that you own a mic that is missing its power supply. It will not be cheap; but if you don't have a PSU, then it would be a lifesaver and a serious upgrade at the same time.

Much more to come soon!



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