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Slava Ukraini!

Like most people around the world, I've been absolutely heartbroken and disgusted by what is happening to Ukraine at the hands of Vladimir Putin. I also know that most Russians, particularly the younger generation savvy enough to not be brainwashed by the Kremlin and state media, are very much against this invasion and see it for exactly what it is: A delusional old tyrant who cares more about his legacy than the human lives of his victims and subjects. Like many Americans, I wish we would do more to intervene, despite the obvious risks of escalation. I have my monitor constantly set to the news as I work each day, hoping that this situation gets better soon. My heart really goes out to the brave and amazing people of Ukraine. They are inspiring the world, and reminding many of us what true patriotism and bravery is like.

I've been looking through my records for a few days seeing if I actually buy or ship anything from/to Russia, and I actually don't. I've only ever sold a few items to Russia, and while NOS Russian tubes are a common accessory in the microphone world (and for good reason), I actually never used any. I've bought some as samples, but never produced a mic with one. My 47 uses American made Western Electric 408a's, and my other mods use contemporary tubes by TAD Germany. I do keep a stash of NOS PIO (Paper In Oil) capacitors on hand for my mods and my tube 47 microphone. These are in fact from the USSR and cold war era; however they were actually manufactured as well as sold to me from present day Ukraine. I hope my seller is OK, and I hope to one day buy from him again.

Even though the actions or words of the world's most insignificant little mic company probably means very little; I do want to stand with Ukraine and say, officially, that I won't buy anything from Russia or ship anything to Russia until Vladimir Putin resigns or gets removed from power. I don't believe he will fundamentally change as a person, so I'm just setting that as the bar. And I will be looking to see what I can do to support Ukraine.

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