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rock you like a hurricane...

If you follow the weather, you know we have a hurricane (Ida) due to make landfall Sunday evening and cut almost directly through Baton Rouge, where we are located. We have worked through the day and night today to get to a good stopping point in the workshop (wrapping up one customer's unit just now, which we will will try to ship out on Saturday). The utility company has sent me a notice that I should prepare for extensive power outage, possibly for an extended time, and the reference was made to expect a similar situation to that of Hurricane Gustav, in which (at this address) we were without power, utilities, and cellphone service for about 11 days.

While I don't expect it to be quite that severe, I do believe I will be out of power and disconnected from civilization for a few days to a week, perhaps. I'm OK with that, and just hope that we do not go through any further flooding as happened to this residence/workshop in Aug 2016. As all Louisianians know, this comes with the territory of living here and never gets old... and keeps life interesting, albeit terribly inconvenienced. Know this, that I will continue to work on units that are on my ledger for as long as I have electricity, and will resume doing so as soon as electricity comes back. There will be a period of time where shipping logistics are not happening; but I will resume shipping out items as soon as the coast is clear to do so, and will continue to pack units here in anticipation of that. In short, I'll try to not let this set us back any more than possible. Probably the most noticeable thing is that we will be out of communication range for much of next week, likely; and I apologize in advance for that. I did not want to go through the trouble of shutting down my website commerce; but just be aware that if you place an order between now and the end of next week, bear with me in terms of sending you an acknowledgement of the order, etc. I will catch up on everything as quickly as I can, once I can get back online. Thanks!


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Chad, I hope you guys weathered the storm ok. Let us know when you get a chance!

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