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ReAmps are going fast!

We're getting down to the end. We have about 5 Signal Art Direct Boxes left and about 6 ReAmps and AngReAmps left. When they are gone, they are absolutely gone forever. I expect at this pace that they will be cleared out by end of the month, or darn close to it.

Since many people seem to have not known, we did have a black friday coupon that can be used on mic mods and reamps and other smaller purchases, and that is 'BFS50off!'. For anyone purchasing a Signal Art 47 tube mic in any configuration, use 'BFS400off!'. Pretty tremendous savings, and good only thru the end of the year. After that, SAE will be just focused on handcrafting the high end mics mainly with the hope to develop a few more high end reproductions soon thereafter.

Thanks again to everyone who has been with us thus far on this journey. SAE came up straight out of the DIY community, and are excited for what the future holds.


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