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Quick February update: ReAmps and Upgrades

There has been a big spike in the demand for the ReAmp in recent weeks, and so we have put in orders for all the materials (custom wound transformer, custom chassis, etc) to do another batch of 24. We expect that it will take about 6-8 weeks from today (2-20-23) to get in everything and to get all orders out the door that are taken in during that time. We are putting them back available for order on the site as a convience; but just be aware of the delay before placing an order. Thanks! This does not apply to orders that are already in the system; for those we have the raw materials to get them out in the coming days. This is just for orders placed after yesterday.

We have begun taking orders for mods on the Sterling legacy mics again (SP30, ST31, ST33, ST44, SP50, ST51, ST55 ST59, ST66, ST69) again; although likely this will be the last year that we take orders for these (so get in while you can). I will continue to be doing these personally for the remainder of the year. Due to the fact that many of these mics are getting rather aged (some are over 20 years old), the mod work is becoming more like restoration and troubleshooting and repair work, as well as capsule replacement and body work, etc (some have even needed new PSU's and cabling), its becoming a bit too laborious and distracting. As we have big plans for Signal Art's original mic products over the coming years, we decided to sunset some of the mods that were the most time consuming.

We will begin taking mod orders for the WA-47, WA-251, and WA-CX12 on March first. I will be bringing on and fully training our first part time employee to help with the workload on these and to implement these mods under my supervision. We finally did reach the poing where its impossible to continue as just a one-man-army; and I have been fortunate enough to find perhaps the only person I can really trust to keep these mods absolutely faithful to my formula in every detail. I'm very excited to say more about this but it will wait for the next blog post and announcement. Just know that we'll be accepting all mod requests by March 1.

If you already have a mod in the shop and are patiently waiting, I thank you. I am still wrapping these up as we speak, and I expect to be fully caught up with everthing on the books by the end of March at the very latest.

Thats it for now; but there will be some exciting things to share in addition to this, very soon!


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