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New ReAmp batch in production, and it will be the last!

We just pulled the trigger on what will be the final batch of ReAmps, ordering fresh metalwork and fresh custom transformers. They will be shipping in about 30 days when supplies come in; but we are taking orders on the site now to allow people to be first in the queue.

We have decided to discontinue the famous little boxes as we focus more on new microphone designs, which you'll hear more about soon. As a 'one-man-army', this is the unfortunate 'triage' nature of the business; that if you want to do more of something, then you have to give up something else to free up time and resources. Thus is the case here. I really want to thank the audio community for making these little boxes so famous. It's hard to believe, as this was the first 'circuit idea' I ever came up with back around 2002 after being dissatisfied with what was available on the market at the time and feeling I could do better. We are manufacturing about 8 more AngReAmps, 16 more transparent (original) ReAmps, and have 8 more limited edition Direct Boxes in stock. When these are gone, they are gone; I won't be ordering more materials. So as they say, speak now or forever hold your peace. Thanks again!


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