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mic pictures finally updated

In part 2 of my pics update, we've updated pictures of the microphone itself (yesterday, we did power supply). Funny enough, this was something I was scheduled to do later tonight as we got some U47's onto the burn-in rack, but a good customer beat me to it in providing these lovely headshots (thank you, Michael Lawson!). They are better than what I would have been able to do, for sure! These pics are updated on the U47, U48, and U47 Baseline edition. I still need to get some updated internal shots and that will happen soon.

I wanted to elaborate a bit on the power supply updated pictures from yesterday, particularly the inside shots. Some have noticed that yes, these are the new boards, and the shiny candy-red resistors are some of the new precision, thin film resistors made for us by Precision Resistive Products out of Iowa. We are using a lot of them in the power supply and main mic PCB.

I wanted to speak a bit about construction. So, while I am no photographer (and that much is obvious), I have prepared some equipment for professional photography across three different companies, and am familiar with the process. Aside from the usual manicuring, one thing I normally do is to build a device sans any kind of adhesives, tape, or Loctite anywhere out of concern for appearances. No Kapton tape on a transformer, no threadlocker on a screw, no silicon or hot glue on a polystyrene or a board, etc. Often times no zip ties or cable wraps. What I've done with the Signal art power supply photos is to show them exactly how they really are built, which does involve all of the above techniques for securing and reinforcing the build. To me, there is no balance to strike between cosmetics and durability; it is 100% about durability. I want these things to survive being dropped (but please don't) and not fall apart. I don't want them coming back for service, and they almost never do. They are built to last forever, through and through. To that end, there are a lot of things that are tied down. There are a number of places that are reinforced with adhesive. There is threadlocker on ever metal screw and special adhesive on every plastic threaded connection, and the list goes on. I say this, jokingly, that I want the power supply to be able to sit inside a bass drum as a weight and not resonate or come apart, and I sort of mean it. To that end, what is in the photo is exactly how we ship them. There will be glue, there will be ties, and it should last you for your career.

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