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made a few more DI boxes, reamps...

So, I got a few late straggler inquiries about the DI box after it sold out. We initially did a run of 20 limited edition DI boxes with the venerable Cinemag CM-DBX transformer installed, after successfully coaxing Cinemag into making me 20 pcs (they are notoriously busy and backordered, and only like big orders). But I ran 24 boxes because that was the MOQ, and got a few late straggler inuqiries plus I forgot to save myself a personal unit. So, I have decided to make these last 4 using the sonically identical (and even more expensive and venerable) Jensen JT-DB-E transformer. For those who don't know, the 2 parts are based on the same design and are physically almost identical and sonically absolutely identical. So, keeping one, I will have 3 left to sell and one is already spoken for. Get it now, as this will truly be the last time!

Due to some confusion while at the NAMM show (which was great, but exhausting, btw), I accidentally took orders for a few more ReAmps than what we had left in stock, which forced me to do an emergency run of boxes to fulfill those orders once I got back to Baton Rouge. I did the absolutely minimum of 12 boxes, and 4 are already sold. So, there will be about 8 ReAmps left in inventory at the time of writing (either flavor). These will DEFINITELY be the last, so speak now or forever hold your peace. Thanks!

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