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This month has been crazier than I thought, with 4 new U47's going out to artists, studios, churches, and even an old friend who has gotten back into music production. not to mention a capsule upgrade for an existing client, some repairs, and some prototyping for another company. I fly out to NAMM in a couple days and it will be work work work right up till I leave, and then as soon as I get back and catch my breath it will be time to dig into more U47's, building my first U48's (real excited!!!), and then M49's, and even a C12 and 251. I love doing this stuff, and don't forget for a moment that I'm only able to do this because of the support from people who buy these mics. I know I don't advertise (yet) and have the world's lamest website; so believe me that I appreciate the word of mouth and repeat business that has kept this venture going. Thanks again. PS: hoping to improve the website soon with better photos and audio samples.

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