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Getting Weird, and ARTful...

For a long time, we have gotten requests to modify the ART T4 tube mic, as well as the Weird Audio 47 mod1 and mod2. We have also gotten requests for replacement power supplies for these items. Even though we have done a few of each over the years by request; we never made it official until now. Why it took so long? Well, good question really; but likely just due to me being overwhelmed during the years that the company was just me running solo. Now that things are shaping up and we have at least the beginnings of a team in place, we are able to open things up a bit. As these 2 models, along with the Warm 47, are all 'offspring' of the Alctron MK47, we only really had to modify our approach to account for some of the addional space constraints of this design. Once those hurdles have been overcome; we feel really proud to now offer these items to our growing list of upgrades. We will also be adding the original 'granddaddy' of them all, the Alctron MK47, as a few of these mics have come our way over the years, making their way over from the Asian market through Alibaba, eBay, and other means. Later this year, we will also offer an official power supply replacement to all 3 of these mics as well. We'll announce when those are ready!

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