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getting tested...

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

bout time we got tested... ;)

For those who haven't yet heard of this up and coming service/company, please do yourself a favor and check out and watch the introductory video about what they do. We were proud to submit our flagship premium reference U47 to Audio Test Kitchen to take part in their roundup of U47-clone comparisons, which will be available once the site is fully operational.

For years, people (including me) have had to sit through hours of sub-par youtube videos with bad/inconsistent sound, retailers with built-in bias, dubious testing situations, and anecdotal evidence on various forums in our never-ending quest to get to the truth about a piece of gear, how it really sounds, and what it can do for us. Audio Test Kitchen is the first truly impartial, objective, and downright forensically accurate service for truly comparing equipment. I really believe this will help the pro audio community and reduce the amount of 'buyer's remorse' that can happen with new gear purchases. Kudos to them.

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