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do we taken in new units purchased through dealers?

I've been asked this a few times and funny enough was asked this today while I had a unit straight from Sweetwater on the bench. Yes, we do, and this happens all the time. Sweetwater and Zen Pro Audio probably have my address written on the wall somewhere at this point. It's a good idea, and as long as you have your name referenced as the 'c/o' or 'attention to' subject in the address to me so I can identify it, this is just fine. The reason we have a Signal Art coffee blend is because I noticed it came with Zen Pro Audio's shipments on one of the first units they sent us directly for the mod. It was a good idea and I stole it. haha, sorry Warren! And I can tell you from experience, that the rich dark Signal Art coffee blend pairs very nicely with the Sweetwater bag of candy. I had that very combination for breakfast once, and can attest. Getting both of those goodies in a new microphone coming to your doorstep for the first time, now that's synergy!

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