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Once again, this is a service where you mail us the mic, power supply, and cable.  We send shipping instructions.  The price of the mod includes the work done and return shipping to you.  Please allow approx. 30-60 days on all new orders, from the time the order is placed.

Warm Audio WA-CX12 tube microphone upgrade

  • The WA-CX12 is the latest tube offering from Warm Audio, and is an affordable replica of the classic AKG C12 microphone which originally had a green body and gold headbasket.  Their rendition is a somewhat accurate reproduction of the mic circuit and slightly less exact but still similar reproduction of the power supply.  

    There are things I actually did like and some things I take issue with in regards to some of the design choices made on this mic.  I want to keep things simple and positive, and just go over what we do in the upgrade.

    In the mic:

    One of the things that called out the most loudly to be addressed was the use of a standard (automotive/electronics grade) WIMA film capacitor for the output coupling cap in the mic design.  I use WIMA caps for plenty of things; but this just isn't one of them.  I'm of the firm belief that this is the most sensitve location in terms of capacitor choice, and it needs to be a really good one, preferably tubular, and suitable for microphones.  General purpose capacitors will sound one-dimensional, dull and lifeless; and often the so-called