Just to be clear, this is a modification service where you send in your working microphone and I upgrade it and return it to you.  Postage is covered for the US, for outside the US, I will invoice for actual shipping costs.  


The 47jr is based on a modern and particularly neutral circuit design, intended to accept a wide range of capsules and to pass through all of the characteristcs of that capsule unimpeded.  The subtle problems arise when putting a particularly voiced capsule into this circuit, such as a K47 or CEK12, that the peaks and voicings of the capsule are not softened by the circuit design any, and can become somewhat harsh.  What is certainly true of a U67 or U87 and their variants where there is a defined pre-emphasis (capsule) and de-emphasis (circuit) exchange within the mic design, is true to a lesser degree still with other capsules.  


In that spirit, I worked with my capsule designer to import a specifically designed ultra neutral and highly articulate capsule based around the K87 but with none of the pre-emphasis frequency boosts.  The result is a much smoother, more extended and articulate microphone; but still with some degree of character reminiscent of a U87.  If you are happy with the sound of your mic currently, don't change anything; but if you understand that it cannot really sound like a FET47 or U47 and would like to see what more it can be on its own merits, this mod could be for you.  The result sounds like a mic that hits far above its price point.

WA 47jr modification

add 3 pin Gotham XLR for $40
  • for an additional $40, we will include a 6 meter Gotham XLR cable.


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