**All orders placed after 6/1/22, will include not only what's mentioned below but also a new discrete regulator and slight PSU redesign mod which provides an ultra-stable and clean +6.3v to the tube heater circuitry, finally resolving a longstanding issue with over-heating tube filaments and somewhat shorter tube life on some Asian tube mic designs.  The cost of this upgrade will be absorbed by us in the normal price for the ultimate upgrade.


We've done a good few of these now and the verdict is in.  The ultimate upgraded WA-47 is basically like having a 'high end' microphone build inside of your existing WA-47's enclosures.  The noise levels drop down to nearly as low as they can go, everything becomes tighter, clearer, punchier.


The Ultimate mod includes all of the work of th standard mod (complete end to end rework and replacing all capacitors, correcting output capacitor value and style, etc) but takes things to a whole new level by upgrading the tube to a rare NOS JAN Sylvania or JAN GE 5751 valve, replacing stock wire with silver teflon wire, simplifying and re-working the mic's factory wiring scheme and replacing all the wire from the XLR plug all the way up to the top deck, bypassing the transformer deck (wiring transformer directly), and completely stripping clean the top PCB deck -disca