Representing simply the very best we can do, our premium edition 47 features a handcrafted original M7 capsule replica by Eric Heiserman with custom vintage style capsule mount and 'ultra' insulating standoff, a custom wound, US-made BV8 transformer, a shielded hospital grade toroidal power supply transformer fed by a Corcom shielded EMI filter AC inlet, NOS Western Electric 408a valves (including a spare set) meticulously cleaned (de-scaled), burned in, and selected by me and fitted with authentic Sandy Levy high-temp aerospace silicone tube dampers to eliminate microphonics, and a fully handmade and hand-wired signal path from end to end featuring an audiophile grade shielded Gotham IEC power cable, premium Gotham tube micrphone cable, top of the line Gotham microphone cable, and all silver-plated teflon OFC hookup wire internally, and lab grade custom PCBs, all soldered with Cardas tri-eutectic silver solder.  

U47 Premium Reference Edition

  • Our premium edition 47 is an elegant, open, detailed, clean, clear, rich, authentic sounding 47 microphone that we believe stands up perfectly well against microphones costing 2, 3, even 5x what we are asking.  Using nothing but the absolute best parts available and putting meticulous TLC into the build, the premium edition 47 is build to last a lifetime and create beautifully captured takes.  


    For this version, we use an original German M7 capsule replica and ultra-isolation vintage style capsule mount, carefully handcrafted by Eric Heiserman.


    On request, we can alternately fit the microphone with a handcrafted Eric Heiserman HK47; a new, US made, K47 capsule which beautifully captures the beauty, detail, and midrange energy of the classic German microphones.  The original M7 capsule was the capsule which shipped with the earliest production run original 47's, as well as the first M49's. Later 47's, 49's, the FET 47, and most U48's shipped with a K47, which sets about to do the same thing but a more modern manufacturing technique, making it easier to produce consistently. Though on paper, a German M7 and K47 sound the same; but due to differences in craftsmanship from the two American sources we use, you can get a slightly different character from each.


    The tube compliment is a matched pair of Western Electric 408a (6028) pentode valves that we have selected, cleaned (pin descaling), tested, and burned in.  We have tested every 408a variant out there over the years and to us, the Western Electric has the perfect balance of weight, presence, top end, and midrange.  It is neither muddy, nor bright and anemic, as some variants we have sampled.  To that end, we have invested in one of the largest reserves of this tube variant, to ensure a consistent product.  Each 408a is fitted with a custom tube damper ring made for us by hi-fi expert Sandy Levy using pure aerospace (high temp rated) silicon. 


    We use mostly teflon coated silver hookup wire internally, and hand make both the 7 pin and 3 pin XLR cables using Gotham's finest cable stocks available from Gotham Audio LLC, the US division of the legendary high end cable manufacturer.  For the premium edition microphone, we even manufacture our own audiophile grade shielded Gotham IEC power cable.   


    Our power supply enclosure is manufactured to our specs in the USA by Collective Cases, using American steel made twice as dense as most other power supply enclosures.  This box is indestructible.  Inside is a beautifully hand-wired power supply starting with a shielded, over-spec'd hospital grade toroidal supply transformer, fed by an over-sized and shielded Corcom AC input EMI filter, and made with our own lab-grade '47 PSU PCB and premium Nichicon and other long-life components.


    Our '47 body replica is sourced for us by a trusted US importer/assembly house and put together in California from both domestic and overseas sub-components.  


    For this premium edition, we use a custom wound BV8 transformer made in the USA.  This transformer is a true BV8 in every sense of the word, utlizing the same original winding technique and turns ratio as well as the same size UI30 laminations as the original German part.  The results are simply open, rich, and musical.  This part is based on a meticulous study of our own personal favorite vintage BV8 specimen.  It was prototyped many times until we matched the exact sonic character, bandwidth, tone, and THD profile of our favorite vintage German part.

    With the premium edition 47, we also include an extra selected (noise graded, cleaned, and tested) pair of 408a tubes, and a handmade 6ft. IEC power cable using shielded Gotham AC power cable and Wattgate audiophile grade connectors.  We also include a custom made wood box for the 47, made especially for us in Germany by a master microphone box maker.