Our first product and entry level microphone is the most affordable true '47' you will ever see available.  Made using our own custom made M7 capsule manufactured in the USA by Eric Heiserman, American made steel power supply enclosure, American made NOS tubes, American made, custom wound BV8 transformer, American made hook up wire, and all wired and assembled by hand here in Baton Rouge, down to the high quality Gotham and Sommer cables.  

U47 Baseline Edition

  • Our most affordable mic and beyond a doubt the most affordable 'true' 47 you will ever come across, this mic is a solid, thoroughly thought out rendition of the original classic that may be a no-frills approach but packs an incredible sonic punch.  Made using our own custom made M7 capsule made in the USA by Eric Heiserman (the same exact capsule used in our premium edition!), our very own custom wound authentic BV8 output transformer (and inspired by our favorite specimen of the original BV8 German part), NOS (new old stock) military grade paper-in-oil capacitors, NOS polystyrene capacitors, and a matched pair of NOS Western Electric 408a pentode valves fitted with a pair of Sandy Levy tube dampers made from high temp aerospace silicone.  Our stock NOS tubes are cleaned, tested, and burned in at our lab.  

    Low price doesn't mean lower performance at Signal Art: the baseline edition 47 is literally identical in both sonics and design to our premium 47.  Same US made Heiserman capsule, same US made custom wound BV8 transformer, same NOS tubes, same NOS capacitors, same PSU, same 7 pin Sommer cable, etc.  We simply eliminated some of the 'trimmings' to deliver the mic in a more affordable way.  The Baseline 47 is pure cardioid, meaning it has no pattern switching.  It does not come with a wooden box (mic is shipped safely, resting in a custom foam insert that sits in the new packaging), and it does not come with an extra set of tubes (but I can tell you where to order tubes).  It also ships with a standard off-the-shelf IEC power cord instead of the handmade cord.  But other than these simpler amenities and accessories, we compromise absolutely NOTHING in the signal path.  The mic is 100% sonically and electrically the same as our premium model.  So if you just need a perfect vocal (or cardioid) mic, look no further!  Sometimes, simpler is better!


    Our own power supply enclosure is made to our specifications here in the states by Collective Cases, using American steel, and uses a high quality Triad Magnetics toroidal transformer, fed by a shielded Corcom EMI filtering AC inlet. 


    Our 47 microphone body replica is sourced from a trusted US importer who assembles them in California from both US and Asian sub-components.  


    We make every cable for our microphones here in Baton Rouge, sourcing the highest quality available preminum Gotham microphone and tube microphone cable stock from Gotham Audio LLC, the official US division of Gotham Cable.   We use Cardas silver solder and Neutrik style connectors.