just for clarification, this is a mod service where you are responsible to ship the microphone to me, and I ship it back to you.  I cover return shipping only, included in the cost.  I can build a replacement (upgrade) 7 pin Gotham tube microphone cable or 3 pin Gotham XLR cable for an additional cost (inquire).  Thanks!

Sterling ST44 tube pencil microphone upgrade!

  • The Sterling ST44 is truly a diamond in the rough.  It has a good tube, an excellent capsule reminiscent of the legendary Neumann K84i in many sonic respects, and good circuit design; but lacks in some of the parts selection and implementation.  What we do is go through it and replace the output transformer with our custom wound Sterling replacement part, upgrade the generic MICA capacitors to over-spec silver micas, upgrade the capacitor in the high-z tube section from a film to a polystyrene, upgrade all electrolytic capacitors (PSU and mic) with the highest available quality Nichicons (long life/high temp in the PSU and amplifier stage, audiophile grade in the mic high-z section), as well as adding a dedicated ground wire to the chassi of the mic, rebuilding and upgrading the stock cable to improve ground connection, and adding some dampening tweaks in several areas to greatly reduce or eliminate microphonics and handling noises.  

    The end result is a more open, quieter, cleaner, less harsh, more full bodied and warmer and more articulate mic with extended bass and less microphonics or handling issues.  It because a truly world class tube pencil mic and will be as good as you will ever need!