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Even though we always modify and repair (if needed) the included Sterling 7 pin XLR cable, (we do a tweak to add chassis ground to the un-used pin 7 and we do a tension tweak to improve ground contact to the XLR barrel housing, and spray the pins), at the end of the day it is still a cheaper Asian 7 conductor cable.  It has thin gauge wire, thin insulation, and unfortunately doesn't provide the 2 heavier gague leads that you often see on higher end offerings to service the B+ and Circuit GND pins.   We decided to offer a cable made to the same level of quality as the cables for our own SAE tube 47/48 for those who want to squeeze the last bit of quality from their existing Sterling mic.  These cables are wired for the Sterling configuration (typically pin 3 and pin 1 requiring the heavier gauge leads); but we always verify and make sure the cable is made right for YOUR microphone that you send us.  This store item is intended as an accessory item to the purchase of a Sterling tube mic modification only.  Thanks!

Sommer 7 pin XLR upgrade cable, 20ft (6meter) for Sterling tube microphones

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