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Developed in cooperation with Glenn Fricker from Spectre Media Group and based on my earlier Re-Amp design, this new version of my Re-Amp features a custom wound Cinemag transformer and provides up an output potential of +10db (6db up from a balanced +4 line input source), high enough to drive any re-amping application.  Unlike some other boxes that are noisy/electronic, this design is all passive; doing all of its 'magic' within the custom transformer and audiphile grade attenuator pot.  Also unlike some designs, this design does not pinch the sound bandwidth due to cheaper transformers or 'voice the signal for guitar', etc, etc.  It is as transparent as the purest piece of glass.  In fact, I don't even like to call this a 'guitar reamp', because it will re-amp anything.  I have used the re-amp technique to process voice, snare drum, kick drum, and almost always bass guitar.  You will find this an indispensible problem solver in your studio.  Another great feature of my design is what I call 'true' ground isolation.  Many boxes don't do this; but on this design, if you flip the ground lift switch you will absolutely isolate the instrument output from the source/pin1/earth ground and chassis of this device.  Why is this important?  In an ideal situation, it wouldn't matter; and likely most customers will have a decent enough system that they hear no difference with the switch.  However, in many places, the guitar amps/cabinets are located in a different room from the control room system where the signal originates, meaning it is on a different outlet and breaker, with a different length path to ground.  This can cause ground loops, audible as the ever pervasive buzz and hum you find in so many setups.  The switch, in many cases at least, will alleviate this issue; at least if the ground loop is being caused by this particular bridge between the control room and amp room setups.  If there is already buzz or hum within the audio signal from another cause, then of course you have to resort to more drastic means such as hum-eliminator type devices.  In general though, you will find this box as compatible, clean, and clear as any ReAmp ever put on the market.  I didn't skimp on parts just to save money because I could get away with it; this ReAmp uses a very expensive custom Cinemag part, and is wired up by me, by hand, using a custom made enclosure built in the USA by Collective Cases.

Signal Art ReAmp

  • I try to keep at least one of these on hand to ship; but in the event that I'm out of stock, I will make these to fulfill orders as needed.   If you order one and I am out, I can make the device and ship within 2 weeks of placing the order.  I will always notify you if this is the case, and you can feel free to inquire ahead of time.  Thank you for your understanding.  

  • If you don't love this re-amp, you can return it within 10 days of purchase and it will be refunded, minus shipping, as long as the unit is in flawless (re-sellable) condition.