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Limited Run of only 20 pieces, and when they are gone, they are gone! 


After many years of requests and making them behind the scenes for clients, I have made the direct box 'official'.  Wired point to point by hand using the best available wire, solder, switches, connectors, etc., and built into an ultra-rugged custom hammertone-finished heavy steel enclosure custom made for Signal Art in the USA by Collective Cases, and based around the venerable Cinemag CM-DBX direct box transformer.  Clear as glass, ruler flat (frequency and phase) within the 20-20k audio band, and only 3dB down at 150k, potted in a 2 pieces mu-metal shielded cannister with over 30dB of outside rejection, and barely any perceptible loading loss; the CM-DBX is the finest passive direct box transformer made currently.  There was never any other choice with whom we would go with for this limited run of reference grade direct boxes.  Features insulated input and thru-put, XLR out, and (true) ground lift (decouples input ground from output, in other words it might actually solve some rare ground loop issues, unlike 99% of the ground lift switches on DI's and other small boxes that effectively won't do much).  


Don't miss out.  We are only making 20 of these and that's all, folks!

SAE Premium Direct Box

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