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This product has been updated!  We have decided to discontinue the baseline edition, producer's edition, and the previous iteration of the premium edition of this mic due to their similarities with new and emerging mics on the market; and merely to focus on a single 'be-all, end-all' ultimate version of the FET 47 where we simply 'throw everything in the book' at it and make it as high end as we possibly can... and also closer than ever before to the original benchmark, while still offering an incredible value.  To that end, we have augmented the design to include the absolute best (and most expensive, over 3x the cost of the already high-end Cinemag part) transformer available on the market, AMI's painstaking replica of the original German part.  We've got with NOS polystyrene and original NOS Fairchild Semiconductor FET's for the high-Z section.  We've included a handmade Gotham mic cable and wooden box.  And we've gone with a Dany bouchard M7 capsule and vintage, ultra-isolation capsule mount.  The price has gone up.  Although we now put this mic into a new price bracket; we feel we are offering an even better value than ever before.  This price includes worldwide shipping.  


The FET 47 Premium Edition is an historically exact replica (circuit wise) of the original German FET 47, as close as we believe anyone can get.  In side by side tests, the differences are downright microscopic and probably less than the differences that exist from mic to mic.   We build this microphope with painstaking attention to detail, using only the finest modern and new old stock components.  We use a Dany Bouchard M7 capsule replica, and AMI's top of the line (and very expensive) FET47 output transformer.  We ship this microphone in a wood box with a German style spider shockmount.  We also include a 20ft handmade Gotham XLR mic cable, built right here in our lab.  

FET 47 Premium Reference Edition

  • The FET 47 has been an obsession of ours since visiting and touring the historic recording studios of Nashville several years ago.  We saw firsthand how many FET 47's stayed out in the tracking rooms and on the shelves in the drum lockers of these facilities, and realized how crucial they were to the 'big record' sound.  Since that time, we have experimented and obsessed over the FET 47 design more so than probably any other microphone circuit.  Unbeatable as an outer kick drum mic, bass cabinet mic, choir and backing vocal mic, and (my personal favorite) for capturing well balanced studio-perfect drum samples of various percussions instruments at various distances. 


    Known as having a slightly smoother and more neutral response than its tube sibling, the FET 47 is also a bit more resiliant and tends to be able to venture to places where the tube 47 would be unable to follow; such as in front of a nice plosive kick drum where the tube 47 might suffer from the effects of microphonics and vibration.  


    Until now, the classic FET 47 has been a rather exclusive secret weapon of the wealthy and large studio circuit, leaving the working engineer to scramble for a lesser substitute.  We have perhaps researched the FET 47 design more intensely than any other microphone, and building these complex, densely packed little boards is as much an art as it is a science.  This led us to make the decision to release three different versions of the FET 47, all equally thought out and all equally impressive, sonically.


    The Premium Edition FET 47 represents simply the best we can do, and is no-compromise.  We use the AMI FET 47 transformer, a very expensive and made-to-order part that was developed by AMI's late founder, Oliver Archut, and is the absolute closest reproduction of the original German part made today.  We feel that sonically, it is pretty much 100% aligned to the original German part in our side-by-side tests.  We use a US-made Eric Heiserman HK47 capsule which was specially designed and refined with this classic microphone and capsule in mind, and we wire everything up by hand.  The end result is a perfect German FET 47 reproduction, with the midrange, subtlety, and texture all falling in line with the original.  We ship this microphone with a custom designed SKB case, a German style spider shockmount, and our own handmade Gotham 20ft microphone cable.