Pure Elegance.  Smoothness.  Silk.  These are the words used to describe the original C12.  A fantastic lead vocal mic, particularly female voice, as well as acoustic guitar, percussion overhead and room mic, and many other applications!  This is a special-order item; I require about 30 days to complete your order from the time the order is placed.  I strive to do it sooner; but 30 days is usually the longest.  These are due to some exotic components that have to be ordered.

C12 Baseline Edition

  • The first time I heard the C12 in action, and again the first time I ever put one together based on the original designs, I was struck by the sheer smoothness of this microphone.  There's a certain texture and quality to this microphone that distinguishes itself from just about anything else.  The C12, released by AKG in 1953, is original ancestor to several lineages of microphone and the first microphone to capitalize on the CK12, probably the most ambitions and sophisticated capsule of its time.  Today, the microphone is re-issued by a small handful of companies; but at a cost very few can afford.


    Our Baseline edition C12 starts with our own custom, imported CEK-12 edge terminated, 24k gold sputtered 6 micron NOS Japanese mylar skinned dual diaphragm/dual backplate capsule, an excellent cost-effective substitute for the original CK12 capsule made by AKG.  Our microphone board is meticulously built with the best in both new-old-stock and modern components, including vintage polystyrene and paper-in-oil capacitors.  We typically install the TAD (Germany) 12AY7 Highgrade Premium Select tube, the cleanest and lowest noise 12AY7 tube currently available.  This tube has ultra low noise, high headroom, smoothness and clarity.  We use a Cinemag T14-style output transformer (CM13114), which tested out the best among every contender transformer we could measure.  The openness, clarity, headroom, and perfect phase response made any other part sound compromised by comparison, to our ears.  The microphone has a 9 position polar pattern selector with cardioid in the center and figure of eight and omnidirectional at the extremes.  It is one of the cleanest and quietest pattern switching systems you'll ever hear.  

    The microphone has an entirely handmade powersupply made here in Baton Rouge with US steel made in TN that is more than twice the thickness of cheap 'imported' power supplies and has an incredibly durable finish.  The powersupply can be set to 110 or 220, and pre-calibrated in house if you require 230 or 240v operation.  

    We make the 7 pin Gotham tube microphone cable, and 3 pin XLR Gotham mic cable by hand.  It will include a selected high quality IEC power cable based on the needs of your territory.  We stock US, Euro, UK, and other territory IEC power cables.

    We hand-make the power supply enclosure from scratch using the best parts available such as a Corcom filtered power inlet and a hospital grade, shielded toroidal power supply transformer, as well as the highest quality capacitors, all loaded into our own designed PSU enclosure made for us here in the States by Collective Cases, using thick, US steel.  We build both the 7 pin and 3 pin Gotham cable here at our lab in Baton Rouge.  Last but not least, we also include a 6ft shielded Gotham IEC power cable, handmade with Japanese audiophile connectors.

    We think you will absolutely love our take on the classic C12. 



  • If you are unhappy with your Signal Art microphone for any reason, you may return the microphone to us (if absolutely undamaged) for a refund within 15 days of receiving your order.  You may not use this procedure to 'rent' microphones but you may use it to evaluate a microphone you are seriously considering buying from us.  If there is any visible damage or abuse to the microphone, we may refuse to accept a return, or charge a fee.  Returns do not apply to modification work. 


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