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The SAE ReAmp is reborn!

Hello everyone! The day has finally come that I can talk about this exciting development. I have just sent out an email to everyone who has inquired about the Signal Art ReAmp since its discontinuation a month or two back, to let them know about this new product. The legendary Signal Art ReAmp, which I've been hand-wiring for over 20 years and selling through word of mouth, has finally been reborn in a definitive, mass produced edition, as the United Studio Technologies RePlay Box. Both versions of my reamp (the SAE transparent ReAmp and the SAE AngReAmp) are together as one in this new box. Not only is this box a perfect reproduction which spares no expense and uses the same ultra high quality US-made transformer as the original (just moving from wire lead to PCB version), but has a milled aluminum one-piece chassis and a ruggedness that the handmade version could never have approached... not to mention a new look that is both sexy and rugged/utilitarian. This box is meant to be kept near the amp and to withstand a lifetime of abuse.

We are using the highest quality gold-contact switches, gold plated Neutrik and Amphenol connectors, and a new potentiometer that is rated for 100,000 rotations! Far surpassing the already high quality of the handmade originals. I'm super excited that after all these years, the world's best reamp is reborn and ready to begin a new chapter and finally be available in stores, ON-DEMAND, instead of waiting a month for me to find time to hand-build it for you in my garage! haha Great times, and I hope this will be worth the wait for everyone who has been waiting!

For everyone who owns the original hand-wired unit, please do not feel left out. You have the original, the collector's item, the ones I handmade in my workshop, which sound every bit as good and the same as these, and I cannot say how much I appreciate the support this design has continued to have. That support is what made this box possible. Best of all, having the reamp be made under the other company will allow me to devote more time to handcrafting your favorite tube microphones!

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