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We hope everyone had a great year and a great holiday! As a quick reminder, we'll be shutting down much of the webstore (at least not taking new mic mod orders) after Jan 1 to give us time to 'clear the books' through Jan, Feb, and into March if necessary, as well as to take care of some engineering work for the other company. This is something we've needed to do for years in order to fully catch up, and the time has finally come to do so. ReAmp orders will still happen because those are made already (until stock runs out, that is), and premium U47/U48 orders will continue to be taken as well (but they will not be built until after the catch-up period, so consider it a pre-order if you do choose to order one during that time).

Thanks, and we'll be fully re-opened hopefully in March. If you do need to book a mic mod and need it to come in under the wire, and be handled during the catch-up period in Jan/Feb, you need to get the order placed by Jan. 1!!

PS: I will be leaving the webstore open for today and tomorrow just to catch a few last stragglers I've been speaking to, so if you need to book a mic mod order before we shut it down for a while, you still have a couple days you can get the order booked in time.


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