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price increase on mic mods

I was supposed to do this at the start of the year but only now just got around to it. We raised the cost of all mail-in mic mods by $50 to partially account for the serious increase in both shipping costs as well as new vacuum tube costs. Both have just been absolutely brutal and have been killing us for a long time. I held out for as long as I could; but we had no choice. What we can do bascially to soften this is just to ensure you that we are doing the best and most comprehensive work we have ever done yet in this space. We replace dozens of components, do a full 24-48 hour burn in, working on improving turnaround times, and spend two full days on the workbench on each and every mod. Not only that, but if anything (relating to our work) goes wrong, we do take care of you, service wise. Thanks for your continued support!


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