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On being grateful...

We're certainly going through some strange times, that I know we'll remember for years to come. I also realize that most people's lives have changed far more drastically than mine. I'm fortunate in that regard. I have worked mostly from home for years, I already minimize my socializing and my travel. My daily routine is for the most part unchanged other than now when I pick up my groceries for the week, I wear left over filter masks from rebuilding my house and leftover latex gloves from building the high-z section of microphones.

If there is any silver lining to any of this, its that I believe a lot of unfinished records are going to get worked on and hopefully finished during this downtime. The extra work I've seen come my way seems to be a strong indicator of this. My 'mastering grade' ReAmps are really starting to move (nearly 20 in the last two weeks), as are many of my most popular mic mods; and I've even sold a couple hand-made tube microphones to boot. This has kept my routine normal, busy, and sane.

I know my situation could be worse. I also know that at least a few of my most recent customers have consciously placed their orders knowing that they were supporting the little guy and trying to help keep me afloat. I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed. I truly appreciate it. I love doing what I do; this is the type of stuff I have always wanted to do. I know that it's not possible to just go off and 'do' that thing... People have to be interested to buy what you have to offer. You complete the circuit. And I am truly grateful.

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