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movin' on up! changes to baseline edition, sort of

In the coming days I'll be updating the Reverb store and webstore to reflect a few changes to the baseline edition mics. Essentially, the baseline edition and premium edition are going to get closer to one another than before. Essentially, for now, the main difference will be only that the baseline edition will have the more modern custom AMI output transformer while the premium edition will have the historic AMI BV8 transformer. The premium edition will also come with a spare set of tubes and a handmade Gotham shielded AC power cable in addition to the handmade XLR and 7 pin cable. But, both microphones will now feature the same custom, American-made M7 capsule from Eric Heiserman. I have wanted to make this upgrade for a while, and have finally sold through and shipped out the last of the regular baseline edition capsules. I will have to raise the price of the baseline mic a little bit, but am also absorbing some of those costs.

Important to note that this is not done because I had anything against the imported capsule I have been using for years in the baseline edition. In fact, the last batch I got in was so good sounding, I felt almost foolish for wanting to spend more for anything else. 100% of the people who use those mics and capsules (including me) love them. It's more the situation that Covid-19 has caused international shipping to be more delayed and time consuming than ever before, causing me to want to be even more sure that I source as much components state-side as I possibly can. And also, the small shop I have those capsules made at is sort of a victim of their own success lately, and it becomes harder for them to stop the presses on larger production runs to make little 'onesie twosie' orders for a small-time operation like myself... So that's in a nutshell why. We've decided to partner more closely with Eric Heiserman and basically use his capsules on everything for the time being, aside from special requests I get from customers.

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