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more pics added

finally some shots that show off the extensive rework done to the original WA-87 when sent in for mod. Among many other things, we add a total of 6 precision polystyrene capacitors (precision so, the position that needs a 10pF will actually get a 10pF and not a 22pF like the generic original part measures. All of them are hand-wrapped, shielded, glued, for maximum resistance to noise, RFI, and vibration. This opens up the sound quite alot opposed to the film capacitors used mostly at the factory. One drawback of the WA-87 is that the 87ai's RF filter circuit is permanently engaged, and some do believe this inductor/capacitor network affects the sound negatively. But it does provide a service in filtering RFI from the line, so rather than take it out entirely we replace the WIMA caps in that circuit with really good mil-spec polystyrenes, therefore making it as open and sweetened as possible. It's a good compromise.

The mod really is quite extensive and takes a whole evening, there are also plenty of PRP thin film and NOS carbon composite resistors sprinkled in.

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