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Just a quick note to let folks know we will be taking a break for the remainder of 2021 on accepting new orders. I may be traveling a bit at year's end, but also we're at an 'all hands on deck' moment with the other company and need to focus more time there. But just as importantly, this allows us to clear the books in terms of getting all outstanding orders shipped out by year's end, and I really need to get the workshop cleared and get fully caught up. So, we've already taken out of stock the premium and baseline hand-made U47 and U48 for the remainder of the year. We have just the parts in stock to fulfill all existing orders and that will be it for the year. We will sell through the remaining ReAmps and AngReAmps that are already in inventory, parts wise, and then those products will go out of stock for the remainder of the year (we have about 2 of the transparent ReAmp and 22 AngReAmps at the time of this writing). The webstore will automatically move the 2 ReAmps to out of stock after the existing inventory is sold through. All mods/upgrades will be moved to out of stock at the end of the month and no new orders will be rec'd until Jan 1.

Thank you and we plan to be back full swing next year with a few new surprises, hopefully! Lastly, and please, no need to message me if your question is answered in this note. We WILL be shipping all outstanding orders out soon. Putting a cap on new orders for the year will actually help us fully get caught up. See you in 2022!

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