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Back in 5

As some have noticed, we have struggled to keep up with incoming orders (though we are making good progress). What many do not know is that I also have a day job as the head of another audio company (United Studio Tech). The demands on my time from my main gig are going to be intense over the next couple of months, as it will be an all-hands-on-deck period of growth for that company. For that reason, I'll be stepping back from my side endeavors in order to fully focus on getting my main company to that next step in our development. I have paused all orders for mods. I have kept available the ReAmp and AngReAmp; and those will continue to be made, but only in batches of 24 made every 45 days or so as demand dictates. I will continue to make available the Signal Art U47 and U48 as needed, since the demand for the fully handmade mics is not that high. But my main focus for much of the rest of the year will be with my main company, as it is what is required of me.

We have about 35 orders currently in the Signal Art queue at the time of this writing. Know that they will all be taken care of and go out in the exact order that they were rec'd. I will be working for a couple of hours each day to fulfill those and get them out. We ship out, on average, about one order every weekday. This is another important reason to suspend orders from the site for the time being, so that we do not get much further behind. At the rate that I'm able to put time into it now, it will take about 7 weeks to fully clear up the books.

I absolutely do plan to bring back Signal Art fully later this year once we are over this hurdle and I have some more free time. I will be not only bringing back all the mods, but also finally introducing a 251 an C12 mic, hopefully, and maybe even some more things, and also by then having a much nicer looking website for it. It will just have to wait until later this year. Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

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